Free Gospel Tracts

Free Christian Gospel Tracts We design simple Christian Tracts, making them available for free PDF download. You are free to print and distribute. We DO NOT post or deliver free tracts to anyone, so please do not ask. BUT, you can download and print the tracts on this website for free yourself on your printer or you can get them professionally printed at your cost.

Free Tracts

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What should a Gospel tract contain?

In today’s busy world of fast-paced lifestyles and fly-by entertainment, Gospel tracts are a simple and effective way to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel tracts should outline the problem (sin) and the solution (Jesus). Gospel tracts should contain a few...

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Chinese Gospel Presentation

You can view a great Gospel presentation in Chinese here: It is a series of color slide images that could be used as a powerpoint or be printed out.

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Forty Years and Forty Days