The popular Gospel Credit Card Tracts that were designed by Heath, in Melbourne, Australia are now free to download. Send them to your professional printer and have them print them like a business card but with rounded corners for an authentic credit card appearance.

We no longer print and ship these ourselves. Instead we have made them freely available for DOWNLOAD so you can print your own at your own cost.


Download Free Credit Card Gospel Tracts >

Free Gospel Tracts - Download
Free Gospel Tracts - Download

Prepaid Credit: By your own standards you are probably a very good person, but the Bible clearly states that at the end of your life you will be judged by a holy God who has PERFECT standards for holiness. If you have told just one lie you are a liar. If you have stolen one thing, regardless of its value, you are a thief. God sees your inner thoughts & judges the motives of your heart, not just the action itself.

However, God does NOT want you to go to Hell! Instead He offers you complete forgiveness at the expense of His only Son’s life (Jesus voluntarily gave his life as a sacrifice on a cross to PREPAY your punishment before you did the crime). Jesus rose from the dead, and now OFFERS to credit forgiveness to your account if you will humble your heart, turn from your sin and trust and follow Him. IF THE OWNER OF THIS CARD knows that he or she is a sinner in need of a savior, please contact God via prayer and then read the Bible to find out more about Him.
We all put our faith in something, even if we aren’t religious, ie: Evolution, Science, The New Age, a Heavenly God etc…
What is your faith of choice?


Serving Suggestion:

“Did you get one of these Pre-Paid Credit Cards? Read the back, it explains how Jesus pre-paid our fine, before we did the crime”